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Category: Randomizing

PHP Password Generator Script 1.2 -
This script is a secure, powerful and random password generator script written in PHP, which allows developers to customize the password by upper letters, lower letters, numbers, symbols, length and strength. PHP password generator Script will be helpful to generate passwords with random and fixed length strings.Features of PHP password generator Script:- Generate random password by using 4 inputs i.e Alpha Upper (A-Z), Alpha Lower (a-z), Number (0-9) and Special ...

Salt Password Class 1.0 -
This script can be used to generate random passwords with salt. It can generate a random password of a configurable length which may include letters, digits and optionally some special symbol characters.The script may also generate a random salt value that is appended to the password before taking its MD5 hash to store in a database or file for posterior password verification.Requirement: PHP4.0 or Higher