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Category: Online Support

Contact Form Manager -
The Contact Form Manager lets you create and manage multiple customized contact forms for your website. It supports a wide range of contact form elements such as text field, email field, textarea, dropdown list, radio button, checkbox, date picker, captcha, file uploader etc. Shortcodes are generated such that, you can modify contact form element properties without having to replace the shortcode everytime.

Got Live Chat -
Easy to add live chat script for any web site. This script will show a 'chat now with an operator' image that visitors can click on. Operators using the web-based interface will be asked to accept/decline chat request (chat invites can also be sent). Geolocation, referrer, browser, and operating system information is shown per visitor. Current page, plus all pages they've viewed ("breadcrumbs") displayed to give support/sales more information about ...

OpenSupports -
OpenSupports is a PHP Script , a Support System. It is completely free and open. This script can be aplied to any website which supports PHP and MySQL.You can create staff members who will help you to answers user’s tickets. Also, you can have an articles library for your users. Users can send support tickets and they will be answer by your staff members. A script totally recommended,OpenSupports can be ...