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Category: Link Checking

No404s 2.0.1 -
No404s is a PHP script designed to help you find broken or moved links on your site or your link pages. What makes it different from other link checkers is that the title obtained from checked site is displayed (useful for finding expired domains that give no other discernable error). At the end an overview of the checked links is given and links are displayed by code (200, 404, etc.).Features:- ...

PHPShortener 0.3 -
Currently PHPShortener supports the 7 most popular shortening services. It will convert a long URL into a short URL, and then decode a short URL to its long version.Services:- u.nuFeatures:- Easy to use- Flexible, easy to extend with new services- Auto detects the service in the URL to decode- Tiny, but well written and commented.- PHP5 / PHP4 compatible (although only tested in PHP5 ...