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Category: Healthcare

Script for online pharma stores -
With this script you can easily create your own pharma store. It includes different features allowing to add medicines and other products, create medical questionnaire (with different medical questions like "Do you have high blood pressure?" and others specific for the products), generate prescriptions in .pdf and other formats and other useful features.The administration panel can be accessed by different types of users (administrators, doctors, physicians) with different permissions for ...

BMR Calculator -
This is a free BMR Calculator script, it will calculate your Basic Metabolic Rate (MBR), i.e. the calories you are going to burn if you just stay in bed all day. Your BMR depends on your gender, weigh, height, and age. It decreases when your age increases, which means the older you get the harder it becomes to stay slim (unless you excercise or keep diet).This calculator uses the Harris-Benedict ...

Weight Loss Calculator 1.0 -
Weight Loss Calculator is a free and easy to install PHP weight loss planning calculator (calories calculator).The script contains just one PHP script which to be included in your website.There are live conversions and javascript validations of the user input.