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ApiGen 2.8.0 -
ApiGen is a PHP documentation generator. It was inspired by phpDocumentor/phpDoc and is a tool for creating professional, easy undertstandable API documentation from PHP source.It supports PHP 5.3 namespaces, packages, linking between documentation, cross referencing to PHP standard classes, general documentation, creation of highlighted source code, and much more. It even has experimental support for PHP 5.4 traits.

Php-Excel 1.7.4 -
Php-excel is still the main tool to use for many modern companies when it comes to analysis or reports. Php-excel aims to be the most simple and lightweight approach to convert a matrix-like, two-dimensional array from PHP to Microsoft Excel.Features of Phpexcel:- Create a quick export from a database table into Excel- Compile some statistical records with a few calculations and deliver the result in an Excel worksheet- Gather the ...